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At The Little Posy Co. we’re very conscious of our social and environmental footprint. For us, sustainability means working in a way that is in harmony with the natural world, treating people and the planet with the utmost respect and constantly evaluating how we operate. We are committed to transparency and maintaining an ethical supply chain. We approach everything we do with longevity in mind, and this has been a part of our philosophy since we began.
How We Operate
We work hard to find ways to reduce our emissions or eliminate them where we can. The vast majority of the flowers we use are locally grown here in Perth or the South West and our plants are cultivated to order for us in WA. To supplement our local flower supply, we use flowers grown in Victoria where there is a thriving flower farming industry. Occasionally, we will use very special internationally grown blooms such as Dutch peonies and New Zealand cymbidium orchids. Using primarily local flowers and working with Perth nurseries feels right to us as it reduces our carbon footprint significantly. It also means we are supporting local small businesses and their workers.
We wrap our bouquets in 100% recycled paper and use a commercially compostable BioPak container as a water source if we need to leave our flowers by the front door.
We compost all of the green waste produced in the making of our posies. This has allowed us to reduce our general waste by more than half, diverting it from landfill where it would have broken down into methane. All of our staff are encouraged to bring their own food waste from home to add to the green waste bin so it all gets returned to the soil. We ask our suppliers to avoid plastic where possible.
We are lucky to have a beautiful, big bright warehouse that doesn’t require much light, so – we rarely turn on the lights! However, we have installed solar panels on our warehouse that generate renewable energy and feed plenty of clean energy back into the grid. These solar panels charge our fleet of electric delivery vans, which drive around Perth (cleanly and quietly - have you seen them?) delivering the majority of our orders.
What we’re working towards
Building supportive relationships with new growers to foster additional opportunities for local flower farms near to us. Working with brands we stock to ship goods with Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and certified B Corporation. Installing a water tank so that we can capture any water that reaches our roof and use it for flower buckets.
Who we support
We have donated more than $20,000 since our inception to support causes that feel important to us. We generally focus on social and environmental causes but occasionally cover other areas. Some of the charities we support are listed below: One Girl, Foodbank Australia, Shining Stars, Aime Mentoring, Australian Conservation, Amazon Conservation, Wires Wildlife, Australian Red Cross, Cancer Council WA, UNHCR, White Ribbon Australia, Shine Program, Moort Boodjari Mia, Maternity Clinic.