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5 Tips Keep Your Flowers Blooming

5 Tips Keep Your Flowers Blooming

Our flowers are locally grown and often picked the morning you receive them. Having traveled only the minimum distance from the farm to your door, they are as fresh as they come.
With our helpful tips, they will last, continue to bloom, and be enjoyed for days to come.

The Perfect Vessel
Choose a vase or vessel that will not crowd your flowers and allows their stems to be supported and submerged in water.
Did you know, you can separate your Double and Triple posies to create smaller arrangements?

Trim Your Stems 

Trim a minimum of 2cm of your stems or the correct height for your vessel. 
Cut these on 45' if possible to allow your stems more surface area to drink up the water. Strip any excess leaves from the stems, make sure none are submerged in water.

Display Your Blooms
Flowers are sensitive things, keep them happy by displaying them in a cool spot, away from direct sunlight, heaters and fruit bowls. 
Did you know gasses released from fruit causes the flowers to fade quicker?

Keep Them Fresh
Change the water every 2-3 days and continue to trim the stems and remove any blooms looking a little sad to keep the others happy!
Lessons of Motherhood

Lessons of Motherhood

Ahead of Mother's Day we asked founder of The Little Posy Co, Helen Pow five questions about her experience of Motherhood. With three boys and just as many businesses, it's a busy but beautiful life.