As part of our new blog series, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite warehouse tunes with you!

If you’re looking to spice up your usual mix or finally give those chatty radio presenters the flick, we’ve got you sorted. Time to roll your windows down, blast some vibey tunes and let the spring time take you away.

This playlist comes from our main flower man, Joe. Here’s a little bit from him on the inspiration behind this springtime mix…

“This is a playlist that I put on at about 7:15am on a cool but sunny spring morning as I arrive at The Little Posy Co. warehouse. I’m supposed to start work at 7am but I never make it by then because it is really difficult to find socks in the morning, especially in Spring. So this playlist is both calming and uplifting to put the florists in a good mood so that they don’t take anything out on me. Also, if you think there is too much Bob Dylan in this playlist, you are probably wrong and should go bury your head down at South Beach.”

Give it a listen below, or open and save with Spotify!